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Passive Acoustic Underwater Recorders


  Legacy discontinued 

Now in its second generation, the MicroMARS is designed in a modular package, which allows for quick serving at-sea, swapping of internal SD cards with storage up-to 8-Terabytes, battery configurations for short or long-term deployments and swappable hydrophones. 



  From $3,500

Building from the MicroMARS, the SonarPoint incorporates the ability to localize vocalizations for density population studies, observe marine mammal behaviour, and track migration routes among other things. SonarPoint does everything the MicroMARS can, and more. 


WD-1 Sensor

In the works... 

Autonomous recorders the size of lip balm containers. The WD-1 sensors will comprise mesh reporting networks for threat detection, large yet low-cost surveys, and true complete coverage of ocean monitoring. WD-1 sensors will submerge, record, pop-up and transmit automatically. 

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