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AquaMap Shiphull

Underwater Positioning System

Product Description

AquaMap ShipHull is an underwater positioning system that is specifically optimized for the in-water inspection of hulls, dams and other vertical structures by ROV, diver or AUV. Setup is rapid and simple. Four small baseline stations are lowered into the water, two on the starboard and two on the port side. Use any diagrams or plans of the ship, which are captured with a digital camera, and scaled using the supplied software. The target position is shown against port side, starboard side or bottom views of the vessel, and as the survey progresses a position trace “paints the hull”. Visit specific points of interest on the hull, such as intakes or running gear, or move across the hull until the “paint” is complete, documenting that a complete inspection has been performed.

AquaMap ShipHull is a proven performer, widely used by customers including the USCG Marine Safety and Security Teams (MSST), the U.S. Navy, foreign Coast Guards and militaries, Miami Harbor Police, Lockheed Martin for use on their AUV, commercial companies for dam inspections etc.

AquaMap ShipHull uses the same hardware as the Seafloor version of AquaMap, meaning that by employing the very similar seafloor software you can use your system for berthing area inspection and other sea floor work as well – thus enhancing your investment in equipment and training.

Feature Title

AquaMap Shiphull Inspection

ROV station (A) sends an acoustic interrogate through its sonar transducer. Four baseline stations (B) receive the interrogate and reply. ROV station (A) receives and times replies from baseline stations that are not blocked by the hull. ROV transmits the ranging data and depth measurements to the surface control point via umbilical (C) for position computation and display on an electronic map of the ship sides and bottom.

Key Characteristics

  • Accurate position fixes due to ship hull mounted baseline stations 

  • Robust operation anywhere around the hull. Only one reliable acoustic range measurement is required to accurately fix the ROV location along the sides of a hull 

  • Compact, wireless system. All stations are self-contained 

  • Quick setup with automatic baseline self-survey


Custom systems are quoted on an as-needed basis.

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