The Tough & Tiny Reusable ARGOS Tag, Starting at $900

Cost optimized for Large Sample Size                                                                                             Power: Solar & Non-Degrading Ultra Capacitor

Tough Design; Diving Depth of 800m                                                                                               Data: Argos-Computed Position, temperature, transmit count

Reusable, Virtually Unlimited Endurance                                                                                       Mounting: Glue, Harness, (Custom 3D printed Endcaps) 

Custom 3D Printed Endcaps                                                                                                               Full Sunlight Transmit Interval: 60 seconds

Usable on turtles, penguins, and seabirds.

 Published Works and Reporting Rates



Technology Rating

 Product - SeaTag-TT 

Readiness Rating - C.O.T.S.

Priority Level - High

Sales Rating - C.O.T.S.