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SeaTag-MOD Enhanced Warranty


  Tagging represents certain risks of tag or data loss that may be caused by a variety of environmental, system or mission specific factors. Tag or data loss can be hard to account for in the budgetary process, and is not covered by our standard warranty.

Further, while SeaTag-MOD with its advanced capabilities supports a wide range of new research objectives, tagging success also requires in-particular careful mission planning and ramp-up.

We are now offering a mission planning support service with an enhanced warranty that provides tag replacement even if the tag is not recovered. The service is charged on a per-tag basis, must be purchased with the tag, and is valid for one tag deployment for up to one year in duration.

Cost is 20% of the quantity discounted tag price. See the SeaTag-MOD price list for more details.

What is Covered

  1. Non-reporting: No ARGOS transmissions received from the tag after three month from programmed release date.

  2. Impeded reporting: Less than 100 messages regardless of “checksum” received from the tag after a shedding event, or after constant depth release triggering event.

  3. Premature mission abort: A mission abort due to a system failure, as indicated by the tags engineering report. Note that a “premature mission abort” does not include tag shedding.

  4. Persistent archival data recording failure: This failure is also indicated by the engineering reports or a ‘no archival data available’ report. This does not cover write failures from which the tag subsequently recovers.

  5. Sensor failure: Complete failure of a sensor (not degraded accuracy), as indicated by the tags engineering or data reports. Sensors include: light / solar, magnetometer, accelerometer, depth, and temperature.

  6. Early battery depletion if it occurs at less than 50% of our predicted capacity.

What is Not Covered

  1. Failure due to tag configuration not in compliance with your certified mission.

  2. Mission abort due to crush depth exceeded or constant depth release trigger.

  3. Sensor accuracy degradation.

  4. Tag shedding.

  5. Failure to comply with any of the requirements for an enhanced warranty claim.

  6. Any change in this warranty that was not in effect at the time of this warranty purchase.

  7. Any additional costs associated with the tag deployment.

What is Required for an Enhanced Warranty Claim

  1. Purchase the enhanced warranty for each tag before the tag is deployed. The warranty is specific to a tag as defined by its serial number.

  2. Submit a description of your mission or research plan to Desert Star Systems for certification. We will review and suggest changes if we spot risk factors. We reserve the right to not offer the warranty if we consider the risk as too high.

  3. Configure your tags in SeaDock and send the configuration files of all tags to us prior to deployment. We will review and warn you of any mistakes. Re-submit configuration files after making any changes.

  4. Once your tags are armed, run a one-day pre-tagging and ARGOS reporting test of each tag. Provide us with your ARGOS account log-in information for inspection. If the test was successful, we will give you a final go-ahead for tagging.

  5. Deploy the tags.

  6. Submit an image of each tagged animal to us for record keeping that the tag(s) were deployed or other proofs of tagging as authorized by Desert Star Systems.

If a failure of any of the items on the ‘What is Covered’ list occurs, provide documentation and Desert Star Systems will replace the failed tag free of charge (does not include shipping). You can reach us via email at

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